Whether your child is experiencing problems at home, at school, or with peers, he or she has tremendous potential for growth. Even when teen-parent conflict seems the hardest, your adolescent is in a period of incredible growth and maturation. Using play and talk therapies and original games, I can help your child or teen develop problem solving skills to deal with frustration and learn to identify and express emotions in respectful and responsible ways.

Behavioral Problems

Many children go through short periods of defiant behavior, but when it continues, it can cause major stress in the family. I have helped numerous families stop their children’s disrespectful behavior and aggressive outbursts through behavioral modification strategies, anger management techniques, and teaching appropriate ways to express feelings.

Peer Relationships

Is your child isolated, picked on, or bullied? Does he or she have volatile friendships? I can help your child improve social skills, enhance self-esteem and increase assertiveness. I am committed to working with your family, child and school to build positive relationships with their peers.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Does your child have trouble staying organized or seem to easily lose toys or school assignments? Do you have trouble getting your child to follow directions? Does he or she seem to ‘bounce off the walls’? I can share innovative strategies for helping your child follow directions and reduce clutter. We can work together to build a more fulfilling parent-child relationship.

Learning Disabilities

If your child is having trouble in school with reading, writing, or math, I can help develop coping strategies to improve academic performance. Because learning disabilities can affect self-esteem and peer relationships, I will work with your child to identify his/her strengths and develop supportive relationships. As a member of the Learning Disabilities Association, I can help your family to find the resources and accomodations for you child to succeed.

Sensory Overstimulation

Does your child make you remove all the labels from his or her clothes? Do you struggle to get your child to eat a balanced diet? Is your child easily affected by noise? These and other problems with texture, hearing, and balance can indicate that your child's senses are easily overstimulated. Working closely with an occupational therapist and using desensitization techniques, I can help you and your child develop individual coping skills that will improve your family's quality of life.


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